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Rahul Ghotge

Rahul Ghotge is a hospital management professional with over a decade of experience in healthcare. Since joining Stroudwater in 2015, Rahul focuses on financial turnaround, valuation, clinical quality improvement, and creating stakeholder value through partnerships.

Rahul’s passion is to utilize his training in medicine, biomedical engineering and Lean Six Sigma to design the next-generation healthcare delivery model providing high-quality healthcare at a low cost. His work leverages advanced data analytics and cost accounting methodologies to deliver the right healthcare at the right place and right time at an affordable cost.

Before joining Stroudwater, Rahul served as a physician in India and England and as an engineer in the medical device industry. He worked at a rural hospital system in Georgia where his role grew to include the duties of COO and CIO; in those roles, he managed implementation of the EHR system, patient billing, and other IT systems to achieve Stages 1 and 2 Meaningful Use. Rahul also successfully designed and implemented a financial turnaround plan to bring the hospital to breakeven without a system-wide reduction in force.

Contact Rahul at 404-490-4113.


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