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William Schulz

Bill Schulz has been affiliated with Stroudwater since September 2015. His work with clients is focused on health insurance market reforms, disruptive distribution channels through the emergence of public and private exchanges, and the diffusion of risk through payment and delivery system reforms that aspire to create value in the health system. Bill is particularly focused on how the implementation of technology and access to actionable data can support the Triple Aim of reducing costs, increasing quality, and improving outcomes.

Bill has broad experience in health plan operations, marketing, analytics and provider network development and management. He has held executive management and board positions for national, regional, and local health plans. He has served on the board of directors of St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, a 233-bed hospital in Lewiston, Maine, a member of Covenant Health System. Most recently, Bill worked with a provider-sponsored five-star Medicare Advantage plan to assess, right-size, and improve its four-state provider network.

Beyond his work in healthcare, Bill is a published poet, musician, and songwriter. He holds a master’s in theological studies from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, CA; an MA from the University of New Hampshire; and a BA from Hobart College.

Contact Bill at 207-749-6375


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