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Descriptions of the work we have done with clients

    [Case Study] Porter Medical Center / University of Vermont Health Network | Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement

    Stroudwater served as an objective party in discussions regarding affiliation versus continued independence.


    Dallas County Hospital | Strategic, Financial and Operational Assessment

    Dallas County Hospital engaged Stroudwater to perform a limited Strategic, Financial and Operational Assessment

    Northwest Community Hospital Picture

    Northwest Community Hospital

    Stroudwater's Facility Planning team was engaged to explore how best to utilize the shell space within an overall site development strategy at this 250-bed community hospital in the Pacific Northwest.

    Maine Rural and Community Hospital Network Picture

    Maine Rural and Community Hospital Network

    Stroudwater facilitated five rural Maine hospitals in developing a network to share resources, create economies of scale, and ensure sustainable healthcare access to their communities.


    Case Study: Small New England Hospital

    This small New England hospital went bankrupt before being acquired by a regional health system nearby. Stroudwater explored integrating outpatient and prevention/wellness strategies into the region's overall population health goals.

    Post-Acute Care/Long-Term Care Delivery System Picture

    Post-Acute Care/Long-Term Care Delivery System

    Our client, a care delivery system offering home health, hospice, assisted living, and rehabilitation services, sought to incorporate nurse practitioners into their PAC/LTC facilities, increasing presence of providers to treat their residents

    Polk Medical Center Picture

    Polk Medical Center

    In order to best-position Polk Medical Center for success while continuing to serve its community, Stroudwater's Affiliations team helped them to find a partner and a deal that met the needs of all stakeholders.

    Wilson Medical Center Picture

    Wilson Medical Center

    Stroudwater's Affiliations team engaged with Wilson Medical Center to craft an agreement that would preserve WMC's core services and maintain its charity care policies. Two years later, WMC is thriving.

    Lewis County General Hospital Picture

    Lewis County General Hospital

    Stroudwater's Rural team, led by Director Eric Shell, helps rural hospitals continue to deliver much-needed care to their communities. Lewis County is one such hospital.

    United Hospital Center Picture

    United Hospital Center

    Understanding the regulatory environment of medical practices has been a focus of Stroudwater Principal Mike Fleischman's career. Over the past 15 years, Mike has used his expertise to support United Hospital Center in their ongoing compliance efforts.

    Debt Capacity Picture

    Debt Capacity

    A Midwestern hospital completed a master facility plan and identified $80 million in needed investment, while the debt capacity was pegged at $50 million. Stroudwater's Facility Planning experts helped to negotiate this challenge to a successful resolution.

    A Northeast Community Hospital Picture

    A Northeast Community Hospital

    A northeastern community hospital engaged Stroudwater's Strategic Planning experts to develop a strategy for "scaling up" in order to more effectively compete with multi-billion-dollar competitive systems.

    Comprehensive Chargemaster Review Picture

    Comprehensive Chargemaster Review

    Over the past 24 months, Stroudwater has assisted 34 hospitals by performing comprehensive Chargemaster and Revenue Cycle reviews. These reviews capture unearned revenue, lower costs, mitigate compliance concerns, increase productivity, and maintain accountability.

    A Southwest Community Hospital Picture

    A Southwest Community Hospital

    The board of a strong community hospital in the Southwest concluded that it needed a partner to help the enterprise reach a higher level of performance. Stroudwater's Affiliations team helped the hospital to reach its goals.

    A Pacific Northwest Hospital System Picture

    A Pacific Northwest Hospital System

    A successful hospital system in the Pacific Northwest engaged Stroudwater to help them develop and implement a complete population-health business strategy for their Medicare, Medicaid, privately insured, and self-funded employee health plan markets.

    Rio Grande Picture

    Rio Grande

    Stroudwater was engaged by this Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in South Central Colorado to complete a market and financial assessment. With Stroudwater's support, Rio Grande became the first CAH to access capital under the HUD 242 program.


    PBRHC Status

    Situation: Client interested in acquiring a free-standing physician practice requested a financial impact analysis comparing and contrasting conversion of the practice to PBRHC status.

    A Community Hospital in the Southwest Picture

    A Community Hospital in the Southwest

    A private, not-for-profit 125-bed community hospital in the southwest approached Stroudwater after a long period of being stalled in their replacement facilities planning. With Stroudwater's support, the 125-bed replacement hospital is now open.


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