Combining the Discipline of Analytics with the Creativity of Vision

With over two decades of strategic planning experience, Stroudwater Associates’ hospital and system strategic planning combines the creative process of shaping a compelling vision of an organization’s future success with a disciplined approach of defining the tasks, accountabilities, and progress measures that are crucial for successful execution of the vision.

Our team recognizes that there is no single “one size fits all” method for creating high-value strategies for hospitals and systems. Our approach is customized to the circumstances and realities of each client.

In as little as 30 days, Stroudwater Associates will evaluate your capital structure, financial performance, and funding strategies to ensure your facility is on target to meet performance goals and continue growing. Our experts analyze data around your hospital’s financials, volume, providers, staffing, and other relevant information. This data is compared to peer hospitals across the country, enabling information discussion during our time working together. Then, during a week of in-depth interviews, conversations and goal planning, our team will work with your leadership to craft the strategic plan. By the end of the engagement, your team will walk away with a strategic plan that outlines all the goals, tactics and responsibilities for the organization.

How it works:

  • Stroudwater experts analyze your hospital’s financial volume, quality, staffing and other relevant information
  • Your data is compared to peer hospitals, allowing for the most informed discussions during the interview process
  • Working together, we build out a strategy that leads to follow-up discussions and plan delivery

Strategic Plan's Shape Your Hospital's:

Mission & purpose

Plan for Success

Organization Structure

Volume trends / New Service Opportunities

Capital Structure

Financial Performance Indicators

Moving from Sick Care to Healthcare: Expanding a Hospital's Facilities

Aligning a Strategic Plan & Facility Plan for Future Success

The Strategic Planning Team

John Downes

Eric K. Shell

  • Begin Planning for Your Next Phase