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    [Qualifications] Post-Acute Care Service for Hospitals and Health Systems Picture

    [Qualifications] Post-Acute Care Service for Hospitals and Health Systems

    Hospitals, health systems, ACOs, and health plans increasingly recognize the importance of post-acute care as a key component of their organization’s care continuum.

    [Qualifications] Post-Acute Care Services for Facilities Picture

    [Qualifications] Post-Acute Care Services for Facilities

    Stroudwater Associates collaborates with healthcare leaders to achieve the highest standard of clinical excellence and financial sustainability in the post-acute care space.

    [Qualifications] Employer Health Strategy Picture

    [Qualifications] Employer Health Strategy

    Stroudwater's Employer Health Strategy (EHS) provides opportunities for employers to increase revenue and reduce expense through maintaining a healthier and more productive workforce.


    [Qualifications] Accelerated Operations Improvement

    Stroudwater Associates employs a rapid change model to transform healthcare organizations. The model focuses on the themes of improving the delivery system, the payment system while implementing a population health approach to position the hospital or practice for success. Stroudwater's Accelerated Operations Improvement approach rapidly streamlines operations, reduces operating expenses, improves revenue cycle, and enhances patient outcomes.


    [Qualifications] Strategic Master Facility Planning

    Stroudwater's strategic master facility planning practice is focused on finding the right solutionbalancing the hospital's strategic needs with its financial constraints. Our thought leadership in facility replacements provides unique insights into the best practices and success factors.


    [Qualifications] Strategic Planning and Operational Improvement

    Stroudwater's hospital and system strategic planning combines the creative process of shaping a compelling vision of an enterprise's future success with a disciplined approach of defining the tasks, accountabilities, and progress measures that are crucial for successful execution of the vision.


    [Qualifications] Rural Practice

    Stroudwater supports rural clients within the context of enhancing and sustaining the critical role of hospitals in rural communities, conducting analyses in depth to provide concrete recommendations. We are nationally recognized as a team that makes a positive contribution to rural healthcare.


    [Qualifications] Revenue Cycle Management

    A hospital's lifeblood, effective revenue cycle management is a tool to measure performance, identify trends, and note areas of weakness. Stroudwater's focused departmental reviews have been successfully used by a large number of hospitals to improve all aspects of financial performance.


    [Qualifications] Population Health

    Stroudwater's team provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable value-focused providers to thrive in the emerging era of population health.


    [Qualifications] Physician-Hospital Alignment

    Stroudwater Associates has been engaged in fostering physician-hospital alignment since its inception. We have been involved in all aspects of physician practices, from billing and collections to physician compensation, for the past 25 years.


    [Qualifications] Capital Planning and Access

    Stroudwater Associates assists our clients in accessing the capital required to execute critical strategic initiatives. We specialize in capital planning and capital-access advisory services for projects that are stalled or that require careful alignment of vision with a viable financing strategy.


    [Qualifications] Affiliations and Partnerships

    Stroudwater Associates is uniquely qualified to assist healthcare institutions facing important strategic choices, including merger with another institution or group, acquisition of another hospital, sale of the hospital, or affiliation with another health care organization.


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