Steve Hyde

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

During his 50-year career, Steve has held CEO and/or board positions in health care organizations as diverse as managed-care health plans, hospitals, medical groups, disease management, management consulting, physician practice management, PPOs, and health insurance providers. He also served as the federal government’s chief managed-care financial regulator. A former managed-care actuary, Steve is a popular speaker and author of three books: “How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care,” “Cured! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform,” and “Prescription Drugs for Half Price or Less.” He advises senior employer executives, hospital management, medical groups, and health plans on surviving and thriving in an increasingly challenging environment.

Steve has developed, implemented, and managed a wide range of consumer-driven health plan models; pioneered the field of consumer-focused self-funded health plans for his hospital clients; held the position of chief managed care financial regulator for the federal Office of Health Maintenance Organizations (DHHS); and designed Stroudwater’s proprietary Capitation Management Dashboard & analysis protocols.

Steve earned his BA in Finance from Michigan State University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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