• This Week's Blog

    Perspectives on healthcare from the Stroudwater team.

    This week: Patient Attribution Drives New Strategies for Providers

    ‐Don Horstkotte and Marc Voyvodich

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  • Affiliations and Partnerships

    Applying community stewardship to healthcare affiliations and transactions.

    "[Our Stroudwater advisor] related well to our people, clearly understands complex situations, and was a pleasure to work with."

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    Wilson Medical Center

  • Population Health

    Value-based healthcare.

    "Stroudwater provided the industry knowledge, the training, the support, and the "push" to make the hard changes. We did the work. That's the only way to success."

    ‐Ginger Williams, MD, CEO, Oaklawn Hospital

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  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Increase profit, mitigate compliance, maintain accountability.

    "You gave our members a lot to think about, which is what they needed. Thank you!"

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  • Rural Practice

    Strengthening and sustaining rural care.

    "We greatly appreciate and value SW consultants! Thank you for your service to RHPI and SRHT hospitals."

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  • Strategic Planning and Accelerated Operations Improvement (AOI)

    “We have been exceedingly pleased with the high quality and very thoughtful work we’ve received from the Stroudwater team.”

    ‐Ty M. Heim, EvergreenHealth

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    Evergreen Health, Kirkland, WA

  • Strategic Master Facility Planning

    Threading the needle of strategic, operational, and financial opportunities.

    "You are one of the best consultants I have ever worked with."

    ‐Bob Biggio, VP Facilities, Boston Medical Center

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    Boston Medical Center-Moakley Building

  • Physician-Hospital Alignment

    Creating sustainable physician hospital collaborations.

    "Mike and his crew did an exceptional job of demonstrating value within our group that we did not even recognize ourselves!"

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[Blog] Patient Attribution Drives New Strategies for Providers

The shift to a population health payment model dramatically changes the way providers are paid for their services. It also dramatically changes the way providers need to deliver services...

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[Webinar] Retention Strategies: Improving Your Financials, Quality & Team Performance

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT. Is your organization struggling to attract and retain top talent? A “constructive culture” can help you achieve a culture based on excellence, authenticity, support and trust.

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[White Paper] This Cake Is Not Yet Baked: Implications of (Full or Partial) ACA Repeal | Part 2

As inauguration day approaches, full or partial ACA repeal seems inevitable. On January 12, the Senate set the stage for repeal through the reconciliation process by passing a budget blueprint measure.

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