Swing Bed Optimization

Implementing a System-Wide Strategy

Swing bed programs are an essential service for hospitals and the rural communities that they serve. However, we know many Critical Access Hospitals affiliated with health systems, and the health systems themselves, face challenges related to fully optimizing the Critical Access Hospital swing bed program. Collaborating with rural & community hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals, our team is uniquely positioned to significantly improve these processes with our evidence-based approach for swing bed optimization and growth at both the local and system levels. With a multifaceted approach, Critical Access Hospitals can improve patient outcomes, keep care local, and reduce readmissions. At the same time, the health system can coordinate care at multiple levels, minimize patient leakage, and maximize reimbursement.

Our Approach to Care:

Quality, Outcomes, and Opportunities

Integrated with Stroudwater’s Clinical and Quality team, our Data & Analytics team drives efficiency and increases profitability with innovative, cloud-based products. Our swing bed applications allow health systems and Critical Access Hospitals to easily view relevant information and key findings, as well as access swing bed program benchmarks throughout the state. With this information, hospital leaders can inventory the care delivery of inpatient post-acute skilled services available at each rural & community hospital and use this information to define, expand, and market their services to regional referral partners.

Swing Bed Gap Analysis

Swing Beds provide an essential inpatient skilled level of service for rural communities. To help hospitals optimize their clinical programs and evaluate the use of available resources, Stroudwater has developed the Swing Bed Gap Analysis program.

Swing Bed Quality Reporting Program

As leaders in rural healthcare, we have partnered with national researchers to provide the first Quality Improvement web application to help Critical Access Hospitals manage, track and benchmark post-acute measures.

The Swing Bed Program Team



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Clinical & Quality

Rural & Community Healthcare Experts in Swing Bed Support

Stroudwater’s Swing Bed Optimization Program is a multi-faceted approach to developing a strategic focus on swing bed program optimization and growth at both the Critical Access Hospital and health system levels.

Our clinician-led team will collaborate with both local and system representatives to evaluate key program areas and help guide Critical Acess Hopsitals and health systems to unlock the value of a swing bed program. Effective communication and processes between Critical Access Hospitals and the health system result in an optimal scenario for all involved.

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