Rural Healthcare Survey Readiness

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Maintain High Clinical & Quality Compliance Standards While Improving Patient Safety

Compliance with accreditation standards is essential for rural and community facilities. While striving to adhere to these standards is crucial, achieving full compliance can be challenging. The demands of patient care often take precedence over completing checklist tasks, but an effective survey readiness program can help providers balance these priorities. Such a program offers significant benefits both for your organization and your patients.

Stroudwater’s clinical and quality rural healthcare experts recognize that addressing regulatory challenges requires a strategic approach. By helping rural healthcare organizations identify and resolve underlying root causes using process improvement methodology, we empower them to address critical vulnerabilities before the hospital receives a survey.

Findings from the Field

Did you know the Top 10 categories of CMS 2567 Survey Deficiencies in the last 3 years fall within the below categories?


Fire Drills

Nursing Services

Records Systems

Patient Care Policies

Electrical Systems

Hazardous Areas - Enclosure

Infection Prevention Surveillance & Control of Healthcare Acquired Infections

Sprinkler System - Maintenance and Testing

Infection Prevention & Control Policies

Survey Deficiencies by State

Click on your state to view the hospital deficiencies, including the type of deficiencies, according to CMS 2567 survey data since 2021. 

This data does not include deficiencies from other accrediting organizations.

Is your rural facility prepared for its survey?

Clinical & Quality Expertise You Can Trust

With over 40 surveys under our belts, our team has extensive experience working with CMS, The Joint Commission and DNV surveys. We are well versed in assisting hospitals with customized continual survey readiness including, but not limited to:

Emergency Services

Physician Practices

Infection Prevention

Behavioral Health

Patient Safety

Quality Assurance

Surgical Services

Swing Bed

Labor & Delivery

The Survey Readiness Team



Clinical & Quality



Clinical & Quality



Clinical & Quality

Develop a Custom Plan for Hospital Survey Readiness

Stroudwater assists rural and community healthcare organizations including rural and community hospitals, clinics (RHC/FQHC), and ASCs in creating a comprehensive plan to prepare for regulatory surveys, while also reducing risk and improving patient safety. Our team can create custom plans for leadership from mock surveys, survey boot camps to ongoing services partnerships.

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