Payor & Provider Contracting

A Focused Payor Strategy

Payor and Provider contracting can be complicated, a bit intimidating, and sometimes frustrating, which can prevent rural & community hospitals from getting the most from their payors. However, when done well, payor and provider contracts can be beneficial to a rural & community hospital.

For decades, Stroudwater has been guiding rural & community hospitals through a complex payor landscape. Every payor contract is unique. Stroudwater Consultants have mastered the intricacies of the payor and provider contracting system because we understand both perspectives. Leveraging our consultants’ expertise and our long-established relationships with payors, we’re able to help rural & community hospitals:

The Payor and Provider Contract Process

Stroudwater consultants understand the payor and provider contract process – we have experience on both sides. This experience sets the foundation for the payor and provider contract reviews and allows providers to do what they do best – provide stellar patient care.

Our payor contracting review and support offers a thorough analysis of existing payor agreements, ensuring they are beneficial and attuned to the healthcare organization’s specific needs. We not only facilitate the negotiation process for optimal contracts but also assist in effective denial management, aiming to maximize revenue and maintain positive relationships with payors while minimizing claim denials.

Navigating the intricate language and complex negotiations involved in payor contracts can make obtaining the ideal reimbursement rates and maximizing revenue for your practice quite challenging. Let Stroudwater’s consultants help.

The payor and provider contract process is unique to each rural & community hospital, but Stroudwater’s foundational steps include:

The Payor & Provider Contracting Team



Revenue Cycle Management



Revenue Cycle Management

Overcome Payor & Provider Contract Challenges

Stroudwater’s experienced rural healthcare consultants can support rural & community hospitals as they navigate the obstacles of payor and provider contracts to secure better contracts and achieve growth, all while expanding your team and providing excellent patient care.

Our team is driven each day by the conviction that every rural community deserves a compassionate and quality healthcare delivery system, and payor and provider contracts, although often overlooked, are an important part of that.

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