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Immediately Reduce Workforce Strain

About 1 in 5 healthcare workers have left their jobs during the pandemic, rural & community hospitals are being hit with staffing shortages the hardest. Unfilled positions can lead to patient backlog, lower patient satisfaction, reducing bed capacity, shutting down of clinical service lines, low staff morale and quality and safety risks. Whether you are facing an aging workforce, rising salary costs, staffing shortages and fatigue and finding balance between multiple roles, a clinical-led team at Stroudwater can help lessen the burden of the crisis by addressing current inefficient workflow practices.

Rural Healthcare Workforce Optimization Experts

Our Approach to Staffing Optimization

Our multi-faceted approach is structured into four phases to address your department’s specific pain points that are impacting efficient workflows.

Phase 1:

Pre-Project Planning

The goal is to understand the current operations both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Phase 2:


This phase will utilize observation and a quality improvement methodology to identify process inefficiencies.

Phase 3:

Opportunity Identification

Value stream mapping provides visual representation of current processes as they occur so the focus can be on improvement where it needs to be.

Phase 4:

Optimization Action Plan

Utilization of a priority matrix to determine the sequencing of rapid improvement events which recommended gap closing options and expected impacts based on Phase 3.

The Staffing Workflow Optimization Team


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Clinical & Quality

Develop A Staffing Optimization Action Plan

While we cannot provide full-time employees, we can help lessen the burden of the staffing crisis by understanding and addressing current inefficient workflow practices. Our clinician-led team will provide solutions that are customized to the challenges in your departments with sustained results and a speed to value. Fill out the form to learn more or get started.

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