Medical Staff Development Planning

Support Your Rural & Community Hospital’s Growth through Medical Staff Development Planning

The growth and success of a rural and community hospital requires the right mix of providers and specialists to meet the community’s healthcare needs, especially amid mounting industry pressure to increase revenue despite increasing costs and decreasing reimbursements. A strong medical staff development strategy will support a rural & community hospital’s capacity to provide the right care in a timely and sustainable way.

With the guidance of Stroudwater’s experienced team, rural and community hospitals can find the right balance of providers and specialists to serve their growing communities and meet their strategic goals. There are challenges—provider demand outweighs supply and recruitment regulations are complex, for example—but with strategic planning, rural and community hospitals can balance their needs with market demands.

Case Study

Creating a Medical Staff Development Plan with Mount Graham Regional Medical Center

The Medical Staff Planning Process

Our team begins with a detailed analysis of market and hospital factors. Based on the resulting data, consultants will develop a thorough recruitment plan for rural hospital leaders.

Rural and community hospitals face unique challenges when it comes to recruitment, so understanding the community’s needs and gaining the support of the hospital’s staff will aid tremendously with the implementation of the medical staff development planning strategy our team provides. We base our strategy on years of work with rural hospitals and their providers and a deep understanding of the complexity and importance of creating and maintaining a strong medical staff in these communities.


The Analysis Includes:

The Medical Staff Development and Planning Team



Physician Practice


Senior Consultant

Physician Practice


Physician Practice

Develop A Medical Staff Development Planning Strategy

Stroudwater helps rural and community hospitals develop detailed medical planning development strategies that include medical succession planning, provider need by specialty and/or location, updated recruitment priorities, and much more. Creating consensus around what positions are needed most in a rural and community hospital can be challenging, and our team will collaborate with hospital leadership to help recruit and transition staff with confidence.

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