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Develop & Implement Value-Based Healthcare

Hospitals and medical groups are increasingly looking for the improved stability and profitability of revenue streams from contracting to treat populations of patients, rather than just the discrete individuals who now arrive at their doors. Only through such population-health efforts can providers wean themselves from the deteriorating FFS rates that are increasingly threatening their very financial viability. Only through such measures can providers be incentivized and rewarded for investing in the primary care coordination, chronic disease management, quality management, case management, prevention programs, re-engineered treatment processes, and heightened cost-consciousness necessary to improve patient outcomes and reduce total spending. Without such value-based revenue models, any savings always default to the third-party payers, not the providers who produced them. Worse, the biggest savings result from reduced utilization (and revenues) of hospitals’ most expensive and profitable services. In other words, the better they get, the worse off they are.

To assist in developing such population health treatment and revenue models, Stroudwater Associates has a deeply experienced team to assist clients in developing the value-based strategies and on-the-ground operational models that optimize financial performance, manage risk, and minimize investment costs. The Stroudwater team provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable value-focused providers to thrive in the emerging era of population health.


Team-Based Primary Care Redesign​

Team-based primary care redesign is a restructuring of clinical workflows to promote increased sharing of responsibilities across the entire team, which enhances practice efficiency while improving provider, patient, and staff engagement.

The Model is Characterized By:

Employer Health Strategy

The health of an employer organization is tied to the productivity of its employees and the well-being of employees and their families. Stroudwater’s Employer Health Strategy (EHS) provides opportunities for employers to increase revenue and reduce expense through maintaining a healthier and more productive workforce. Our firm’s expertise and exclusive focus on healthcare ensure that strategy implementation is effective in the context of today’s fee-for-service payment environment and in the population-health payment system of tomorrow.

As the U.S. healthcare system transitions to population health, Stroudwater understands that it takes a village to care for a village. Employer Health Strategy provides employers the opportunity to reduce healthcare costs through such initiatives as improved provider network design, focused management of employee and family health, enhanced productivity, contracted access to care, and population health incentives for improving health and lowering costs.

Employer Health Strategy saves money and improves the health of people and organizations by capturing the value employers create when they support their employees (and their dependents) in being well and staying well, cost effectively. Put simply, Employer Health Strategy is good for people and good for business.

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