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Visualize and Prioritize Ways to Improve Revenue & Efficiency at Critical Access Hospitals

Medicare Cost Reports provide a wealth of information about a hospital’s clinical model, cost structure and overall financial performance. Our Cost Report Tool is a cloud-based tool that optimizes reimbursements for Critical Access Hospitals. This tool searches for and reveals errors, inconsistencies, omissions, misallocated costs, and opportunities to optimize reimbursement accuracy.

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Case Study

Identifying Cost Report Opportunities for Ohio CAHs

Cost Report Tool

The Cost Report Tool aggregates years of cost reports to develop a set of industry standards and benchmarks. By subscribing to the Cost Report Tool, your organization can:

Determine whether all benefits associated with the Critical Access Hospital designation are being achieved in the form of cost-based reimbursement.​

Evaluate whether your Critical Access Hospital optimizes accuracy for cost-based reimbursement and overall profitability.​
Access a description of the required process to access this revenue.​
Individual hospital report that includes the description of analysis and summary of results and performance to benchmarks.​

Receive a one-on-one, personalized call with a Stroudwater finance expert to review findings, discuss opportunities and set priorities for improvement.​

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