Paula Knowlton

Senior Client Services Manager

Senior Client Services Manager

Paula Knowlton is an experienced consultant, practice manager and data analyst who supports clients in understanding and interpreting the story their data is telling. Paula recently rejoined Stroudwater Associates, where formerly she collaborated in the development and teaching of performance management tools that guided hospitals in tracking and trending performance measures. Her expertise in technology, and more importantly the lessons learned through work with hundreds of hospitals, give her an edge in helping healthcare leaders to monitor and improve performance.

Before rejoining Stroudwater, Paula served for over 10 years as Client Relations Manager with iVantage Health Analytics, where she supported clients at their location and remotely in using and comprehending the performance management tools. In this role, Paula consulted with hospitals around benchmarking, rural performance standards and target-setting for excellence.

Paula holds a degree in Business Management from Mid State College, Maine.

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