Strategic Master Facility Planning

Strategic Facility Planning for Rural & Community Healthcare

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, rural & community hospitals face unique challenges. Strategic foresight is not just an advantage but a necessity. Stroudwater’s facility planning practice focuses on identifying the right solution—balancing the hospital’s strategic needs for investment with its financial constraints. Our solutions equip rural & community Hospitals with the direction and guidance to navigate future economic uncertainties while establishing and maintaining a high-quality healthcare facility that meets community needs and enhances the patient experience.

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Accelerating Facility Planning for Short-Term and Long-Term Gains

Building a Resilient Healthcare Future for Rural Communities

With the increasing need for healthcare investment coupled with increased capital constraints, facility projects can easily get stuck. A facility plan that redefines or repositions an organization in the marketplace versus incremental renovation projects is particularly susceptible to inaction. Our team is skilled at working through these challenges and supporting facilities as they get their strategic master facility plans back in motion.

Stroudwater began to study and publish the results of facility replacement projects in 2005, giving us unique and evidence-based insight into the effects of a new facility on a rural community. We provide rural & community hospitals with expert guidance, in-depth analysis, and actionable insights into facility planning. Using data-driven methodologies, we assist hospitals in anticipating shifts in the healthcare landscape and ensuring they remain ahead of the curve.

Before plotting a course for the future, it’s imperative to understand your market and where you stand in it. Our projects all begin with an in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessment of current volumes and operations, setting the stage for effective facility strategy development.
With a team of experts versed in rural healthcare trends and challenges, our discovery phase examines the key strategic drivers and focuses on identifying inefficiencies in current processes. We use a blend of observations, both analytical and participative, to ensure your organization’s strategic facility plan is built on solid ground. We test and validate operating assumptions.
The heart of strategic facility planning lies in recognizing potential while remaining true to market realities. Distinguishing true market needs from individual wants, our process helps your organization hone in on areas ripe for enhancement and growth. Physicians, managers, and other partners are included in the process. Our team collaborates with architects, accountants, and other advisors as needed to complement their focused perspectives.

Rural and community hospitals require a future-ready roadmap. We work with your leadership team to create a facility master plan that:

  • Involves multidisciplinary stakeholders
  • Identifies facility priorities
  • Aligns with strategy
  • Understands the market needs… today and in the future
  • Evaluates potential options
  • Includes high-level estimate of capital needs versus availability
  • Develops a long-range facility framework with phased investment

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Facility Planning & Strategic Planning

Partner with Stroudwater for a Clearer Tomorrow

Facility planning has been a focus of our company since its founding in 1985. Stroudwater consultants have developed over $2 billion in healthcare facilities with projects ranging from Critical Access Hospital replacements and targeted expansions to community hospital additions and large academic medical centers. With our expertise in physician operations, we also have helped complete dozens of medical office buildings, ambulatory surgical centers, and freestanding diagnostic centers.

Our team understands the nuances and challenges of rural healthcare and the importance of keeping care local with a healthcare facility that communities can trust and take pride in. Our consulting talent is deeply experienced in Critical Access Hospitals, community hospitals, and ambulatory operations. This uniquely positions Stroudwater to assist healthcare systems in facility planning with both urban and rural member facilities and in both inpatient and ambulatory settings.

With decades of collective experience, our team stands ready to guide healthcare facilities through their strategic facility planning journey. Whether it’s responding to current challenges or preparing for future ones, we are here to help.

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