Increase Efficiency & Profitability with Data and Analytics

Drive efficiency and increase profitability with innovative, cloud-based products. Each tool and application focuses on hospital operations. Through our tools, your team can easily access your hospital’s relevant information, publicly available data and present key findings.

data and analytics

Products and Tools

Strategic Pricing Tool

Using a database of chargemasters from dozens of hospital providers from across the US, we enable revenue cycle teams and CFOs to set competitive pricing strategies according to valid reliable benchmarks at the CPT level.

Cost Report Tool

Medicare Cost Reports provide a wealth of information about a hospital’s clinical model, cost structure and overall financial performance. Our Cost Report Assessment tool searches for and reveals error, inconsistencies, omissions, misallocated costs and opportunities to optimize reimbursement.

Swing Bed Directory

Swing Beds provide an essential inpatient skilled level of service for rural communities. To help hospitals optimize their clinical programs and evaluate the use of available resources, we developed the Swing Bed Directory tool.

Swing Bed Outcomes Tool

As leaders in rural healthcare, we have partnered with national researchers to provide the first Quality Improvement web application to help Critical Access Hospitals manage, track and benchmark post-acute measures.