Gregg Lathrop

Senior Healthcare Data Analyst

Senior Healthcare Data Analyst

Gregg Lathrop, Stroudwater analyst since 2007, creates detailed client performance assessments by combining public, subscription, and client data to inform consultant recommendations in areas such as demographics, market share, estimated inpatient and outpatient volume, and outmigration patterns. He is an expert in data management, mapping with ESRI ArcGIS, strategic planning, market analysis, and data visualization and dashboard creation using Tableau.

Gregg is also skilled at data coordination and quality control from working with State Associations and Hospital Networks. He currently provides quarterly Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP) and Financial/Revenue Cycle support and analysis to over 100 hospitals in six states. He also has provided multi-hospital market assessment studies and Tableau dashboards to several statewide rural and Critical Access Hospital networks.

Before joining Stroudwater, Gregg spent ten years as a Senior Map Tech at Delorme Mapping, where he used GIS mapping software and SQL/Access databases to create paper and digital maps.

He holds a degree in Geography and Urban Planning/Geographic Information Science and Cartography from the University of Toledo.

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