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Strategic Planning for Rural & Community Hospitals

In a complex and dynamic rural healthcare landscape, the need for strategic alignment is paramount. Stroudwater’s strategic planning solutions are designed to create a cohesive, outcomes-driven plan, harmonizing your board, administrative, clinical, and operational leadership teams around strategic growth priorities. Our mission is to crystallize your vision and transform it into action, setting a course for your team to move both urgently and intentionally toward your strategic goals.

Case Study

Curry Health Network (CHN), an Oregon special health district comprised of a hospital and several medical clinics located on the southern Oregon coast, was lacking a clear strategic plan. CHN leaders wanted to develop a plan that would guide the organization with key priorities.

Reliable Solutions for Unique Challenges

Strategic planning in healthcare is a team effort.

Rural and community hospitals have specific needs and face unique challenges. Our rural-focused strategy blends best practices with fresh thinking, ensuring that your strategic growth plan aligns with your organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. Using a customized, collaborative approach, we start by listening and together develop a proactive, growth-oriented strategic plan that reflects your organization’s and community’s priorities.

Stroudwater’s approach to strategic planning emphasizes:

A Data-Driven Process

Our strategic assessment delivers objective, data-driven insights into the current state, illuminating areas of highest importance and greatest opportunity.​

Collaborative Planning Sessions

We foster an innovative and diverse working environment that encourages all perspectives to be heard, developing actionable goals and strategies.​

Planning with Implementation in Mind

With clear priorities, metrics, and timelines for accountability, our strategic growth plan is designed for execution.​

Three Approaches to Strategic Planning

A detailed study of your organization’s operations, including interviews with staff, leading to a comprehensive report focused on financial performance and operations with a high-level market assessment.

An intensive three-day process in which our consultants work with the rural hospital to co-create a strategic plan. The RSP includes a detailed market analysis and a high-level finance and operations assessment.

A three-to-four-day intensive process in which our consultants work with the rural hospital to co-create a strategic plan. The RSOP includes an additional day to deep dive into the rural hospital’s choice of key operational areas.

This deeper dive analysis could include:

  • Revenue Cycle Processes
  • Debt Capacity Analysis
  • Affiliation Risk Analysis
  • Facility Review
  • Swing Bed Program Evaluation
  • ED Assessment
  • Clinic Assessment
  • Provider Needs Assessment
  • Quality Program Review
  • Process Mapping

The Strategic Planning Team



Facility Planning & Strategic Planning



Revenue Cycle Management

Your Partner in Strategic Growth

Stroudwater has helped hundreds of rural & community healthcare organizations grow and evolve through strategic planning. Our experienced consultants are well-versed in the unique challenges faced by rural & community hospitals, ensuring that their growth plan is innovative and aimed at high-impact opportunities for growth and physician engagement.

Our team works closely with senior leaders to understand internal and market context, crafting a realistic and transformational plan. From network development to digital strategies, service line planning to financial positioning, Stroudwater’s strategic planning team is your partner on your pathway to success.

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