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Healthcare providers continue to face pressure to deliver cost-effective, high-quality healthcare, while maintaining a positive margin. While facing continued uncertainty around payments, insurance and delivery-system reform, many rural providers struggle to develop and implement long-term strategies that deliver maximum financial performance.

Since a hospital and practice designation type can substantively impact reimbursements received, the alignment and designation of practices is of increasing importance.

To combat this, our team partners with rural & community hospitals and health systems to develop strategies that address the evolving market.

Our Team Assists Leadership Teams in Addressing the Following Areas:

Practice designations to be leveraged for enhanced reimbursements and revenue streams​

Eligibility in the 340B program​

Integration of services into a rural health clinic​

Aligning practices through the system​

Case Study

Wyoming County Community Health System (WCCHS), a county-owned health system in northwestern New York comprising a 47-bed acute care hospital with a 138-bed skilled nursing facility and multiple successful physician practices, was transitioning the designation of several of these practices from stand-alone entities to hospital-based practices with the CMS Rural Health Clinic designation.

Methodology & Approach

Our team will prepare an overview of the key eligibility requirements, including benefits of participation, for the provider-based rural health clinic program and articulate how each of these requirements impact the organization and provider-based programs.

Next, Stroudwater will prepare a financial assessment on the inclusion of the listed practices as departments of each of the identified hospitals with provider-based rural health clinic designation.

Achieving rural health clinic (RHC) status may require a change of ownership structure in certain instances. Any changes related to ownership will be identified and an approach recommended for enabling rural health clinic designation.

The Assessment Includes:

The Primary Care Designation Team



Revenue Cycle Management



Revenue Cycle Management



Physician Practice

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