Creating a Medical Staff Development Plan


Mount Graham Regional Medical Center (“MGRMC”), a Safford Arizona based Critical Access Hospital (“CAH”), had recently purchased the only general surgery practice in its area, and was evaluating its needed provider complement going forward.  MGRMC leadership understood that in order to effectively execute on provider recruitment, a medical staff development plan was necessary to understand how recruitment needs aligned with overall organizational strategy.


MGRMC engaged Stroudwater to develop a Medical Staff Development Plan inclusive of a provider needs analysis to outline their future provider strategy. Stroudwater conducted various interviews with providers, and administration along with gathering quantitative information such as the full medical staff roster inclusive of productivity and revenue by each provider. Stroudwater used this information along with demographic and market data to analyze the following:

  • Health status, key demographics and prevalence of chronic conditions in the primary and secondary service areas of MGRMC
  • Current provider supply and need compared to 5 year provider supply and need by specialty in the MGRMC service area
  • Productivity by specialty of MGRMC providers
  • Revenue by specialty of MGRMC providers
  • Access to providers by patient and other practitioners

Stroudwater’s physician team experts incorporated the analysis and findings into key strategic initiatives previously outlined by MGRMC, making the resulting Medical Staff Development Plan more actionable and helping to continue to drive strategic initiatives forward.

“Stroudwater gave us the foundational knowledge and a roadmap to follow quickly.  Stroudwater differentiated this medical staff plan from others in the industry through how well it integrated our larger strategic plan.” – Roland Knox, CEO


Stroudwater produced a concrete, actionable 5 – Year Medical Staff Development plan that outlined the following:

  • Ideal provider compliment by specialty and FTE for MGRMC and MGRMC’s current and future variance from the ideal provider compliment
  • Year by year financial recruitment plan which outlined what specialty, type of provider, and FTE was needed for each year in addition to anticipated cost of each new provider
  • Detailed recruitment recommendations by specialty
  • Detailed retention recommendations by specialty
  • Detailed alignment recommendations by specialty

MGRMC can now easily examine recruitment, retention and alignment on a year by year basis and quickly understand the provider need, financial need, and specific specialty recommendations to optimize their provider compliment.

As a result, MGRMC was able to use the Medical Staff Development Plan to launch its recruitment plan, and has already successfully recruited five of the providers identified for the first year of the plan.

“Stroudwater solidified in our minds what we needed to do and helped us put together a process that we could execute, which was critical given how our resources always have to tie back to our organizational strategy.” – Roland Knox, CEO