About Stroudwater

Where We Work: Affiliations

  • We are proud to have friends and clients in all 50 states.
  • This map shows our Affiliations and Transactions clients in green, and other clients in orange.
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Where We Work: Southeast United States

  • Stroudwater has worked extensively in the Southeast, and has a corporate office in Atlanta, GA.
  • Our Atlanta office nearly doubled in size in 2014!


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Where We Work: Northwestern United States

  • Each orange dot represents a hospital, health system, or physician practice that Stroudwater has worked with in the Northwest.
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Where We Work: Hawai’i

  • Stroudwater’s consultants routinely travel across the Pacific to engage with our Hawai’ian clients.
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Client Solutions

Stroudwater Associates consultants design solutions for healthcare leaders’ most pressing challenges. We employ thought leadership and focused analytics in a collaborative process to select the right course of action. Our service expertise is highly focused on the mission-critical strategic, operational, and financial areas where our perspective offers the highest value.

Industry Experience

Stroudwater professionals have deep domain expertise. The Stroudwater team is made up of clinicians, managers, corporate officers, investment bankers, financial analysts, and content specialists. Stroudwater is well versed in the academic medical center and community hospital markets. Stroudwater is also recognized nationally as a leading firm in rural healthcare. Our broad understanding of these markets and their success factors results in unique value for our clients operating independently or within affiliations.