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Marc Voyvodich

Marc Voyvodich is a founder and the Chair of the Board of Directors of Stroudwater Associates. His primary focus over the past 28 years as a consultant has been assisting clients in performance improvement through clinical service and facility, strategic, and operational planning. Preceding the creation of Stroudwater Associates, Marc was the first Executive Director of SYNERNET, a 20+-hospital alliance in northern New England. Marc served as a Program Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where his responsibilities included managing national programs in emergency medicine, rural medical practice development, and new program development.

Marc has worked on the health administration adjunct faculties at the University of New Hampshire and the University of North Carolina; he has presented healthcare seminars at Harvard University and has lectured and published on a variety of subjects in the field. He earned his undergraduate degree at Colgate University and his M.H.A. from George Washington University. After graduation, Marc completed an Advanced Fellowship in Health Services Administration at the American Hospital and BlueCross/BlueShield Associations.

Contact Marc at 207-221-8258

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