Revenue Cycle Management

Increase profit, mitigate compliance, maintain accountability

Stroudwater Associates is pleased to introduce Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions.

Hospitals that are disciplined about the basics of revenue recognition, RAC preparedness, denial management programs, and simple, transparent business office policies and procedures will meet internal and external challenges more easily and more intelligently. Effective revenue cycle management is a tool to measure performance, identify trends and note areas of weakness, in addition to being a hospital’s lifeblood.

Our focused departmental reviews have been successfully used by a large number of hospitals as the framework for the development of a financial performance improvement plan, to maximize gross revenue and net reimbursement as well as to ensure a compliant billing process. We facilitate the implementation of improvements to process with the goal of increasing gross and net reimbursement while mitigating compliance concerns. We provide specific direction, training, and follow-up to guarantee the successful implementation of findings.

We involve all levels of an organization. We set specific measurable goals and expectations with administration, meet with individual departmental leadership, understand the operational parameters and develop solutions that engender the organization’s culture and philosophy. Our goal is to establish ownership at the departmental level and provide the resources necessary for self sustained success.

  • Comprehensive Chargemaster and Revenue Cycle Review
  • Business Office and Patient Financial Services: Training and Development
  • Development of Training Protocols for Revenue Capture
  • Implementation of an Effective Revenue Control Process
  • Pricing Analysis
  • RAC Preparedness and Revenue Cycle Process Improvement
  • Revenue Process Capture Audits

Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions was established to help our clients navigate through uncertain times and financial stress.  Increased denials, expanding regulatory guidelines and billing complexities have combined to challenge the financial footing of all providers.

Our goal is to provide resources, advice and solutions that make sense and allow you to take action.

We focus on foundational aspects which contribute to consistent gross revenue, facilitate representative net reimbursement and mitigate compliance concerns. Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions helps our clients to build processes that ensure ownership and accountability within your revenue cycle while exceeding customer demands.

Please take a moment to visit the Stroudwater Revenue Cycle webpage. The website is filled with services, resources and educational material that will allow your team to take action. We want to be your resource for all revenue cycle issues.

Your revenue cycle is only as good as the time, energy, action and attention that is placed upon it. Contact us to see how we can help.

To learn more about Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions, please click here or call (800) 947-5712.

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Over the past 24 months, Stroudwater has assisted 34 hospitals by performing comprehensive Chargemaster and Revenue Cycle reviews. These reviews capture unearned revenue, lower costs, mitigate compliance concerns, increase productivity, and maintain accountability.

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