[Article] Here’s Why (and How) Practices Need to Engage Physicians Around Financials

[Infographic] Kaiser Family Foundation Hospital Utilization per 1000 (2005-2017)

[Article] Demand-based Staffing: How to Set The Course w/ Initial Performance Goals

[Podcast] Anatomy of a Hospital Turnaround: Performance Improvement Overview

[Article] The Real ROI From Team-based Care: Increased Panel Size

[Webinar] How to Reduce Labor Costs 15% Using Demand-based Staffing: Tested Tools & Best Practices for Hospitals & Health Systems

[Webinar] Team-based Primary Care Redesign: How to Improve Your Practice’s Financial Sustainability (& Succeed in Risk-bearing Models)

[Presentation] Introduction to Team-based Primary Care

[Case Study] Team-based Primary Care | Physician Says New Model “Changed Her Life”

[Article] How Your Community Health Needs Assessment Can Drive Physician Recruitment & Compensation Arrangements


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