Improve Chronic Opioid Management in Primary Care

Nearly half of all dispensed opioid prescriptions come from primary care clinics and practices, placing primary care at the center of both the problem and solution. These healthcare facilities need a roadmap to improve opioid management of chronic pain patients and a way to reduce reliance on long-term opioid therapy as a primary treatment for chronic pain.

Our white paper discusses:

The issue of the crisis and how we got here

Inconsistent prescribing patterns behind opioid prescription guidelines

An evidence-based approach to opioid management for chronic pain patients

The benefits of improving long-term opioid therapy

Connect with the Opioid Management Team

Primary care practices and clinics that implement the Six Building Blocks Program are seeing positive benefits for their patients, practitioners, and staff.

During a clinical trial, 20 rural and rural-serving clinics in Washington and Idaho received support to implement the Six Building Blocks Program. This resulted in fewer patients using chronic opioid therapies and fewer patients on high-dose opioids, reducing the risk of accidental overdose and death. Providers and staff are also less stressed knowing they have an approach to managing their patients.

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