The CVS-Aetna Juggernaut: Top Considerations for Hospitals and Clinics

  • How will the proposed $69 billion merger of CVS, the nation’s largest pharmacy, and Aetna, one of the country’s largest health plans, impact your primary care and retail strategies? In a survey by Aon, 71 percent of respondents at 450 medium and large-size corporations indicated they expect moderate changes in where employees access care, while 14 percent said they foresee significant changes.
  • Do you expect that the CVS-Aetna behemoth will become a significant primary-care competitor in your market?
  • Will this merger change your negotiating strategy with Aetna and other commercial payors?
  • What does this mean for your value-based purchasing / population health strategy?
  • Will CVS-Aetna be a competitor or potential partner?

Click image below for interactive US map showing CVS stores by city and state, and Aetna market share by state


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