Lights, Camera, Telehealth! Episode 1: Who Art Thou, Telemedicine?

Clare Kelley, Consultant
Lan Nguyen, Consultant

In a world where there seems to be a new version of the iPhone every month, it is no surprise that healthcare-related technology would likewise evolve rapidly. Combine technological innovation with a variable political and policy environment, and you have an ever-changing list of rules and regulations around new technologies in healthcare. This can be overwhelming.

Telehealth is especially susceptible to these changing factors, making it all the more challenging to understand and implement effectively. Telehealth is so new that many of the regulations governing it are being developed at the state level. There is little uniformity and a lot of uncertainty around telehealth regulation across the nation.

In this blog series, we aim to make telehealth more understandable and approachable by breaking it down into its basic components and examining them at a high level.

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