Affiliations Team Closes MedWest Deals

Affiliations can take many forms, from simple clinical affiliations for specialized programs to a full asset purchase. At Stroudwater, we believe that an affiliation is not a goal in itself, but rather, is a strategy to realize an organization’s mission and vision. The form of the affiliation should be driven by the objectives of the two parties and the nature of the organizations, whether they be Critical Access Hospitals, large tertiary hospitals, Academic Medical Centers or for profit healthcare companies.


Led by Director Jeff Sommer and supported by Senior Consultant Melissa Lin and Advisor David Whelan, Stroudwater’s Affiliations team advised MedWest Haywood and WestCare Health System through an acquisition process with Duke LifePoint Healthcare. Over the next eight years, Duke LifePoint will invest a minimum of $43 million for WestCare and $36 million for Heywood to provide new resources, recruit new physicians, enhance services, and improve healthcare delivery throughout the region. For additional information, please visit the Duke LifePoint Healthcare website.