Cogdell Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic network in the heart of West Texas. Situated in Snyder, about 90 miles from Midland, Abilene and Lubbock, the campus at Cogdell provides a wide variety of medical services for residents of Scurry County and the surrounding areas, including an emergency department, walk-in clinic, obstetrics, hospice and radiology. As a rural hospital, the nearest tertiary facility is 90 miles away.

After migrating to a new Electronic Health Record more than two years ago, Cogdell struggled with its complex chargemaster (CDM) infrastructure that covered multiple sites of service. With total patient revenue just over $70m and processing more than 100,000 claims annually, the health system experienced issues organizing, sorting and managing its chargemaster; the revenue cycle director reported that it was a chore to analyze CDM to identify problems related to unwanted variation and data integrity.