Shenandoah Medical Center participates in the CAH Swing Bed Outcomes Measures Project conducted by the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center in partnership with Stroudwater Associates. More than 230 CAHs in 21 states currently participate in the study. The web-based tool developed by Stroudwater is the first and only tool dedicated to measuring swing‐bed performance data.

Shenandoah Medical Center (SMC) is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Shenandoah, Iowa providing the latest in medical technologies and expertise in a wide array of disciplines including cancer care, emergency, heart health, and orthopedics. In this rural area, the closest cities include Omaha, Nebraska, about an hour away, and Lincoln, Nebraska, about 90 minutes’ drive from Shenandoah. At the end of 2018, total patient revenue was just shy of $85m.