Client: Hattiesburg Clinic, Hattiesburg, MS

Engagement: Team-based Primary Care Pilot

Two Stroudwater consultants, a family medicine physician and a clinical operations expert with a background in nursing, conducted a thorough assessment of the five clinical practices selected for the initial team-based care model pilot.

Detailed data was gathered about the practices, including their operations and historical performance. Interviews were conducted with each of the practice teams to examine workflows and identify any concerns about the new model.

Stroudwater provided direct coaching and support to facilitate implementation of the team-based care model pilot, including a day-long, onsite kick-off session. Stroudwater then spent two days onsite with each practice team and provided hands-on support to implement the core principles of team-based care. After 30 days, the Stroudwater consultants returned for a second onsite visit to assess progress and demonstrate further applications of the model. During monthly webinar follow-up sessions, Stroudwater reviews the practices’ quality, cost, and utilization data and assists the teams to fine-tune workflows, further enhance efficiencies, improve clinical results, restore the joy of clinical practice for the teams, and enhance the patient experience.