United Hospital Center

Stroudwater Principal Mike Fleischman has worked with United Hospital Center in Bridgeport, WV, for the last 15 years. Understanding the regulatory environment related to medical practices―an area of focus drawing scrutiny from the federal government―has been a focus of Mike’s long career, and has enabled him to assist UHC in staying up-to-date on relevant regulations and industry trends related to hospital/physician relationships including employment and personal service agreements. 


In order to support UHC’s ongoing compliance efforts, Mike and his Stroudwater team have developed a full understanding of the client’s medical staff needs, with a heavy focus on the community need benefits that can be derived through employment or personal services agreements with physicians. Mike also conducts community research on disease entities relevant to the specialty being recruited, and researches market compensation data to determine if physician compensation arrangements are reasonable and at fair market value. 


Through these efforts, Mike provides UHC and similar clients with extensive background information to be used by the client as a true, objective, third-party opinion in support of their actions.