“We really needed the expertise that the Stroudwater team brought to us to achieve the goal that we set out to accomplish. It calmed our fear knowing that Stroudwater was an expert in what they were doing so we could focus on other issues going on within the hospital.”

Anna M. Anna, CEOTyrone Hospital

“Stroudwater really knows rural healthcare and critical access. Because their team is so knowledgeable, they facilitate and can also participate. They were a great partner all the way around.”

Ginny Williams, CEOCurry Health Network

“Our partnership with Stroudwater accelerated conversations with the board and community by at least a year and a half. It’s enabled us to think two steps ahead on the future of our facilities.”

Eric Connell, CEONorth Big Horn

“The tool was easy to use. We were able to achieve immediate results with little effort and interruption on our end which really made a big difference.”


Shellie ShouseChief Financial Officer, Ohio County Healthcare.

“Amy and Zach’s knowledge and expertise complement each other very well, and what felt like an overwhelming project, wasn’t with their help. Having a knowledgeable and fun team to work with made for an enjoyable project and I truly enjoyed working with them.”

Katie Ksiezarczyk, CPC, CPBWyoming County Community Health System