Future of Rural Healthcare

As the healthcare industry transforms, Rural and Community Hospitals face the challenge of how to best prepare for success and sustainability in an environment that rewards value instead of volume. This journey becomes even more perilous as hospitals struggle to transition their delivery and payment systems simultaneously and must decide whether to affiliate or continue to operate independently. In his presentation Future of Rural Healthcare: Strategies for Success, Stroudwater Director Eric Shell takes an in-depth look at the industry as a whole and at the particular struggle faced by Rural and Community Hospitals, and outlines strategies for these facilities to not only survive, but thrive in the fast-approaching era of population health. This presentation is a valuable tool for healthcare leaders seeking the best strategy to guide their facilities across the “shaky bridge” from fee-for-service to reimbursement based on value and quality.

Many thanks to the Iowa Hospital Association for producing this video and allowing us to share it. Click here to watch.