Performance Improvement Checklist and Action Plan for Distressed Hospitals

A recent Stroudwater white paper, Maritime Disasters and Distressed Hospitals: What Every Board Should Know About Assessing Risk, discussed the trajectory and risk factors that lead to disastrous outcomes for hospitals. This companion piece is meant to provide management teams and boards with a checklist of items and the outline of an action plan for affecting operational improvement and organizational risk reduction.

The following checklist has been developed as a guide to potential operational improvement initiatives that can help an organization steer clear of danger.

Although not all of these options will be appropriate or available to your organization, several of these performance improvement opportunities should be found in every organization that must improve its operating performance to ensure its continued ability to serve its mission.

We have organized these initiatives into short-, medium- and longer-term categories. These categories are not meant as hard and fast rules but are intended to provide guidance to an organization grappling with performance improvement challenges.

If you have questions about next steps on your organization’s performance improvement journey, please use us as a sounding board. If a brief consultation by our advisors and performance improvement experts at Stroudwater is of interest, please contact us. We would be happy to talk with you and provide insights gleaned from our national healthcare advisory and performance improvement practice.

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