Resolve to Remain Calm in the New Year

While the turning of the calendar from one year to another is usually marked with optimism and an aim toward improvement, the transition to 2017 is shaping up a bit differently. In healthcare, many of us are anxious and uncertain about what lies ahead; some are approaching the year with cautious optimism; and some are taking the time-honored approach of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

The apprehension is widespread – it’s not limited to a single group or industry – and at Stroudwater, we have been feeling the steady build. While we know that change is inevitable, we want to offer a few reminders so you can be ready to face whatever comes your way starting this January:

  • Remember that Obamacare – like Rome – wasn’t built in a day. It won’t be undone in a day. It’s reasonable to expect it to look very different by this time next year, but a sound strategy and good execution will prevail under any of a number of legislative outcomes. With our roots as a strategy consultancy, Stroudwater can help you position for success.
  • Try to focus on what you know is in front of you. Sure, things will be added and taken away, but you’ll still have an organization to run, communities to improve, people to engage, and legislation to uphold (the clock is still ticking on MACRA). Focusing on these things will set your organization up for success, regardless of what’s coming.
  • Know that help is a phone call or email away. One of the greatest things about Stroudwater is that although we are boutique in size, our depth, skill and experience exceed firms that are multiples of our scale. Quality matters over quantity – especially in these times.

There are a lot of New Year’s resolutions that I probably could and should make – not stopping at Chik-Fil-A on the way to my annual physical, for example. But one commitment everyone in this industry makes (and sticks to) every year, every day is to improve the health of communities we serve. We are here to help!

Have a safe, happy, and wonderful new year.


Rob Kirsch


Rob Kirsch is Stroudwater’s Managing Director and a leader in our Affiliations and Partnerships practice.