Rural Health Rising Podcast: The Value Proposition in Rural & Community Hospital Partnerships, Part 2

Stroudwater Associates Managing Director, Jeff Sommer, was invited to the Rural Health Rising Podcast, a podcast from Hillsdale Hospital. Jeff shared more about how Stroudwater helps rural health systems enhance existing affiliations and negotiate new, sustainable partnerships by ensuring that the rural value proposition is quantified and communicated.

In today’s rural healthcare context, there is often a misunderstanding of the value that rural affiliates bring, which then results in underinvestment, and a lack of resources to support the continued performance of rural health systems.

Partnering with larger systems and organizations can be an intimidating and challenging process for rural and community hospitals. Helping organizations that may feel like the underdog when it comes to facing a big partnership is what keeps Jeff motivated in this area even after 17 years with Stroudwater.

The full episode is available here.