Webinar Recap – Emergency Cash Flow Planning: What Hospital Leaders Can Do Now

This presentation took place on 4/6/2020. We will update as we continue to learn more.

Since long-held assumptions are dashed, reliable service lines are closed and dwindling cash flow is the new normal for hospital leaders due to the COVID-19 pandemic; Kevin DeRonde, CEO of Mahaska Health in Iowa and Eric K. Shell, CPA, MBA, Stroudwater Associates Chairman of the Board hosted a webinar to share how Rural and Community Hospitals should take immediate steps to understand the magnitude of the potential cash shortfall and then develop strategies to mitigate.

Additionally, they shared actionable, practical steps that hospital and health system leaders should take to increase cash flow leveraging the CARES Act of 2020 (Medicare accelerated payments, Small Business Administration Payroll Protection Program, new SHIP dollars, etc.), and some more traditional strategies.

If you have questions or want to talk with one of our consultants for strategies, visit this link.