Webinar Recap – Telehealth Strategies and Coding Concerns: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With billing guidelines and payor expectations for telehealth services being updated regularly, revenue cycle staff must understand the correct use and implementation of these services to ensure clean claim submission and timely reimbursement.

We hosted a webinar led by Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions John Behn, MPA, Stroudwater Revenue Cycle Solutions Senior Consultant Laurie Daigle, CPC, and Clinical Financial Resources, Inc. Vice President Lori Beaudry, CCS-P to provide actionable information that can be incorporated into the revenue cycle and empower participants to ensure documentation, code identification, and claim submission are primed for successful representation and reimbursement of services. This webinar built on a previous webinar, Revenue Cycle Crisis Management: Coronavirus (COVID-19). Check out a recap of that webinar here.


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