Primary Care Practice Redesign: Critical Milestones and Key Learnings

The US is facing a critical shortage of primary care physicians due to the following factors:

  • Aging baby boomers requiring more medical care
  • Expanded insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act bringing more patients into the market
  • Projected retirement of nearly 1/3 of the physician workforce within the next decade
  • Fewer physicians choosing careers in primary care

Primary care practice redesign is part of a solution in which physician-led, team-based care engages all members of staff in direct patient care. This approach:

  • Affords providers (physicians, NPs, PAs) the time they need to listen, think deeply and develop trusting relationships with patients
  • Allows the primary care practice to absorb more volume, increasing opportunities to generate revenue and provide high-quality care
  • Creates more capacity through enhanced efficiency

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