Retention Strategies: Improving Your Financials, Quality & Team Performance

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– in partnership with Litmos Healthcare and HFMA Georgia


Is your organization struggling to attract and retain top talent? With a tight labor market and high demand for healthcare services, a ‘constructive culture” can help you achieve a culture based on excellence, authenticity, support and trust. Constructive cultures are those in which members are encouraged to interact with people and approach tasks in ways that will help them meet their higher order satisfaction needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how healthcare organizations can approach the human side of the business for better financial, quality and team performance.

You’ll get key takeaways on how to create a constructive culture, how your management style impacts culture, and the steps leading to higher satisfaction and ridiculously low turnover.

Speaker: Scott W. Goodspeed has served as the president and CEO for four hospitals. As a director with Stroudwater Associates, he helps healthcare leaders with accelerated operations improvement, revenue enhancement strategies, improved cash flow, operating cost reduction and action-oriented strategic assessment options.

Scott’s most recent book, “Community Stewardship: Applying the Five Principles of Contemporary Governance,” was published by American Hospital Publishing; he is currently researching a second book. He completed his doctorate in Health Administration and Leadership from the Medical University of South Carolina and received his Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from the University of Minnesota.

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