Team-based Primary Care Redesign: How to Improve Your Practice’s Financial Sustainability (& Succeed in Risk-bearing Models)

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Presented by:

Louise Bryde, BSN, RN, MHA

Heidi Larson, MD, MBA

Implementing team-based primary care involves restructuring clinical workflows to promote increased sharing of responsibilities across the entire team. This approach enhances practice efficiency while improving provider, patient, and staff engagement.

In this free webinar, we’ll outline the four core principles of team-based care (co-location, pre-visit planning, daily morning huddle, four-stage office visit) and discuss how you can leverage these principles to enhance patient experience, improve clinical outcomes, and create more access for your primary care practice.

We’ll describe Stroudwater’s approach to team-based care implementation including assessment, classroom education and onsite support. We’ll also share recent examples of how hospitals and systems are redesigning practice operations to increase efficiency and reduce total cost of care while maintaining high quality.

We’ll set aside time for a lively interactive discussion about how to leverage team-based care in your unique environment.


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