Rural Affiliations

For any rural hospital or health system evaluating its affiliation options, it is critical to ensure that prospective partners understand the value that your organization can bring to the affiliation. It’s important to fully vet potential partners to make sure they understand the unique value drivers of rural healthcare affiliations. Prospective partners should have a record of harnessing those opportunities to improve healthcare delivery in rural communities.

What we discussed:

  • Market trends
  • Strategic considerations
  • Strategic and operating risk analysis fundamentals
  • How to ensure partnership terms are favorable
  • Positive impact to hospital revenues

How to Ensure Partnership Terms Reflect Your Value

In our experience as a national and rural healthcare advisory practice, we have seen prospective partners fail to understand the value drivers of rural provider organizations to a larger health system.

Explore how rural hospitals or health systems can articulate these unique values that they can bring as an affiliate. 

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Eric K. Shell

Jeff Sommer