Stroudwater Associates is a leading national healthcare consulting firm serving healthcare clients exclusively.

We focus on strategic, operational, and financial areas where our perspective offers the highest value.

We’re proud of our 35-year track record with rural hospitals, community hospitals, healthcare systems, and large physician groups.

As a specialty healthcare consulting firm, Stroudwater focuses on mission-critical strategic, operational, and financial improvement opportunities. We eschew rigid product offerings and prepackaged solutions in favor of comprehensive assessment and diagnosis that we combine with tested approaches and strategies from our experience in the field. We implement our work from the perspective of a trusted advisor to our clients. We remain available to ‘walk the walk’ with our clients and rise to the challenge of tailoring solutions to each unique client need.

Stroudwater consultants are a team of clinicians, hospital managers, corporate officers, financial analysts and engineers, performance improvement experts, insurance executives and others. Stroudwater is recognized nationally in a variety of healthcare provider types and markets, and we work in an average of 45+ U.S. states each year. Our broad market exposure provides understanding of and experience with all elements of the healthcare delivery system. We use this experience to serve a wide range of clients in an increasingly interconnected healthcare environment.