Partnering with Healthcare Leaders to Impact Community Health

At Stroudwater, we have an all-encompassing devotion to rural healthcare nationwide. Our team is driven each day by the conviction that every rural community deserves a compassionate and quality healthcare delivery system. From Alaska to Maine, we partner with healthcare leaders to sustain and strengthen hospitals and clinics’ vital role in rural America. Our experience with hundreds of rural hospitals serves as our inspiration and expertise base in creating solutions for resilient institutions to provide the very best care in their communities for the long haul.  Our counsel is down-to-earth and actionable. We pride ourselves in offering clients the education, motivation, and practical tools to implement our recommendations without breaking the bank. Our rural team’s passion for facilitating customized solutions for each client fuels us. We thrive when our clients thrive.

Stroudwater Associates Background

Founded in 1985, Stroudwater has grown from a small partnership between friends to a nationally respected healthcare consulting firm with colleagues and clients in all 50 states. We serve a healthcare market consisting of government and quasi-government agencies, community-based organizations, major academic and tertiary centers, rural and community hospitals, physician groups, and provider organizations. Our team holds bold, independent points of view based on diverse perspectives and experience. Our passion for healthcare stems from recognizing how precious healthcare resources are to the fabric of the communities served by our clients. With a mission to build capacities and scale to improve the health of 40 million people annually, we approach each client engagement with focus, energy and the drive to get it right.

We are committed to providing a beacon of strength, guidance, and direction to ensure our clients’ success and sustainability through whatever storms they may weather.