[Qualifications] Employer Health Strategy

The health of an employer organization is tied to the productivity of its employees and the well-being of employees and their families. Stroudwater’s Employer Health Strategy (EHS) provides opportunities for employers to increase revenue and reduce expense through maintaining a healthier and more productive workforce. Our firm’s expertise and exclusive focus on healthcare ensure that strategy implementation is effective in the context of today’s fee-for-service payment environment and in the population-health payment system of tomorrow.

Employer Health Strategy includes the three primary areas of Health Plan Design and Implementation, Focused Care Management and Healthcare Provider Network Development, and is focused on supporting self-funded and fully insured employers in taking practical first steps to reduce costs, improve revenue, and support better employee health. Strategic recommendations and implementation straddle today’s fee-for-service payment environment and future, population-based payment methodologies with a goal of strategic implementation that is relevant to both payment methodologies, specific employee populations, and local markets.

Value Based Insurance Design & Implementation

Value-based insurance design (VBID), or high-performance, high-deductible self-funded health benefits plans improve coverage levels for plan members while decreasing overall plan costs to the employer and incentivizing service utilization that keeps members healthy by arranging appropriate provider networks, removing financial barriers to care, and creating educated consumers of services.

Focused Care Management

Employer- and insurer-run wellness programs are largely ineffective. Effective improvement in health status and reduction in cost of care require focused attention to the Pareto relationship between the needs of the minority of employees that drive the majority of health costs. Focused care management also improves revenue through improved management and predictability of absence and disability.

Healthcare Provider Network Development

Developing the tailored network of healthcare services for a specific employee group and guaranteeing convenient access for employees form the foundation of long-term success for Employer Whole Health Strategy. Developing care management capabilities and rewarding employer networks for improving employee health are critical to future success.


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