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Staff competencies, provider availability, and ancillaries provided often dictate your hospital’s ability to care for certain patient populations, acuity levels, and services offered. However, most hospitals do not go through a formal process of defining which patients can be appropriately cared for at their facility.

Stroudwater Associates’ approach helps hospital leaders define who can be appropriately cared for at your facility based on the routine diagnoses and clinical indication for admission. Working with hospital leaders, we dive into the services offered, staff skillsets and define the ideal patients for your hospital based on certain admission criteria.

The importance of a Care Delivery Spectrum:

  • Decreased acute-care admissions over the last several years
  • Increased volume
  • Creating efficiencies within the admission process
  • Decreased variability in clinical decision-making
  • Increased patient and staff satisfaction
  • Positive impact to hospital revnue

Our Process:

Gather and review pertinent current clinical and utilization data

Gather and review data

Conduct virtual interviews with key stakeholders

Coaching calls designed to assist with implementation

Education sessions

Increasing Admissions by Creating a Care Delivery Spectrum

Determine which patients can be safely and appropriately cared for at your facility.

Let us help you keep care local.

Hospital leaders can keep care local by knowing which type of patients they can safely and appropriately care for at their facility. By keeping care local, volume and revenue will also increase. If you’re interested in discussing further with our team, please fill out the form.

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For more information about Stroudwater's Clinical Care Delivery Spectrum services, please contact our practice leaders.

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