Visualize and Prioritize Ways to Improve Revenue & Efficiency

Medicare Cost Reports provide a wealth of information about a hospital’s clinical model, cost structure and overall financial performance. Our Cost Report Tool is a cloud-based tool that optimizes reimbursements for Critical Access Hospitals. This tool searches for reveals errors, inconsistencies, omissions, misallocated costs, and opportunities to optimize reimbursement accuracy.

The Cost Report Tool aggregates years of Cost Reports to develop a set of industry-standard benchmarks specifically for Critical Access Hospitals.

cost report analytics tool

Our process includes:

Determination of whether all benefits associated with Critical Access Hospital status are being achieved in the form of cost-based reimbursement.

Evaluate whether your Critical Access Hospital optimizes accuracy for cost-based reimbursement and overall profitability.

Description of the required process to access this revenue.

Individual hospital report that includes the description of analysis and summary of results and performance to benchmarks.

One-on-one, personalized call with a Stroudwater finance expert to review findings, discuss opportunities and set priorities for improvement.

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