Greater Access to Data Driving Better Insights for Healthcare Organizations

Some might say there are countless motivations for people to enter the health care workforce; as a data analyst, I would say they are countable, but that the work just hasn’t been done yet. And while it can’t be said with 100 percent certainty, most people ultimately take on positions because they want to help people and/or communities. That’s as true for us analysts as it is for physicians and nurses – we just have a different way of showing it – literally and figuratively.


With more data available than ever before, the opportunity to be informed about what is impacting health care organizations is at an all-time high. Because everyone has the same potential for access, firms like Stroudwater Associates that can help organizations cut through the clutter to understand and apply metrics are able to offer a robust suite of services. We bring this aspect of our work to life for clients in a few different ways, including:

  • Visualization: The HCAHPS graphic was created by my fellow analyst, Gregg Lathrop, as a simple way to make sense of one segment of HCAHPS scores from a national perspective. Gregg often creates compelling graphics and offers them for free online. If he’s giving away this level of quality, imagine what our team of analysts (which also includes Paula Knowlton) can offer your organization.
  • Uncovering untold stories: In conducting a basic market assessment for a recent nursing home client, we checked all the boxes they wanted us to hit (e.g., competitor data, top diagnoses in the referral area, etc.) and went a little deeper. By examining additional metrics with the needs in their market, we were able to help them target population segments and communities for an enhanced marketing approach – and that work is already paying dividends.

Stroudwater is proud to offer such a robust and well-rounded approach to consulting for your organization. We are able to complement our extraordinary experience with the data to verify that our approach is right for you.